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Moving Forward

Whether you’re moving out, moving on, moving upwards or sizing down, make sure you’re moving forward.

There are several advantages of buying a new-build home that an older property simply doesn’t offer. Not only can new-build homes offer sensible financial benefits, they are often a much better match for modern day lifestyles.

Higher Specification

Higher Specification

We build homes of which you can be proud, and when only the best is good enough we make sure they’re filled with high-quality materials, fixtures and fittings - inside and out.

From kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings to ventilation systems and doors, we select trusted products and leading brands.

Whilst owners of older properties may be boasting about its recent renovation, it is unlikely to have had a full re-fit with the best products, especially if they were thinking of moving!


Lower Maintenance

Often with older properties there can be lots of hidden problems and costs that emerge after you’ve moved in. With a new-build, you can be certain that everything is brand new, guaranteed, and built to stringent quality regulations.

Not only does this mean you can enjoy the knowledge that you’re the first to use the home, it also means there is no wear and tear so you won’t need to expect any immediate maintenance.

Spend less time and money on repairs, renovations and DIY, and instead simply enjoy your new space.


Better for the Environment

We install brand new, energy-efficient appliances and lighting as standard, using LED and low-energy bulbs. Plus, with our high-performance heating systems, windows and cavity wall insulation, you could benefit from a warmer home with lower running costs.

Research from the NHBC Foundation has shown that living in today’s new homes could result in savings of around 55% on gas and electricity spending.


Safer Living

All our homes come with high-security features, including multi-point locking system doors, feature external light to front and lighting to the garage.



We’re not just building a Duchy home, we’re building your home, and depending on the build stage we give you the opportunity to personalise it to your own taste before you move in.

We offer a wide range of kitchen styles, tile colours and flooring choices, plus you can select your preferred house type and plot position.

Once you’ve moved in, your new home is a blank canvas to decorate exactly as you choose and in your own time, without having to ‘put up’ with someone else’s idea of style!

Modern Living

Built For Modern Living

With more focus on family rooms, entertaining and a versatile living space, we have designed our homes to fit the needs of modern living, incorporating large open-plan areas, multiple bathrooms and en-suites, as well as several TV and data sockets. With a Duchy home it always feels exclusive, with ample house sizes and generous gardens too.

Stress Free

Stress-Free Experience

With an older property there is usually a long and complicated chain to endure, but with a new-build there is no-one above you so the process can be so much simpler! Plus, with the help of our Part-Exchange, Move-Assist or Help-to-Buy services, there is lots of support for a quick and easy move.

Peace of mind

Peace Of Mind, Guaranteed

At Duchy Homes we place the highest priority on service and satisfaction, so you’ll enjoy our two-year Customer Care package with a dedicated in-house customer service team on-hand to deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

For extra peace of mind, our new-build homes come with a NHBC warranty covering any structural defects that may appear within the first ten years.